Tips for Cleaning Post Construction

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Sometimes, all it takes to have a clean post construction surrounding is the help from the pro cleaners. But if you want to do it all by yourself, we have here some cleaning post construction tips for you.

Removing the dust from your construction site when the project is done will help prevent the air vents from being congested with dust. It will also keep your furniture from accumulating unnecessary dirt. Follow these tips on how to make your space dust-free after construction.

Cleaning Post Construction Tips

Provide a healthier environment for the people around you using these tips.

Always Begin at the Top

Finish off your construction project by properly cleaning and removing all the dust from your area. Start by doing an initial vacuum and make sure to begin at the top. By doing so, you’ll be able to remove as much dust as possible from the start.

Begin at the ceiling, down to the window ledges while also cleaning the door frames simultaneously. Vacuum any lighting fixtures, including ceiling fans, if there are any. Other electronics, as well as lampshades, or anything closer to the ground, should also be vacuumed.

Once done, get some soap and warm water. Using a damp towel, wipe up the remaining dust in the same areas.

Dust-Off the Floor

Cleaning Post Construction Tips

Next in our cleaning post construction tips is dusting off the floor.

How much cleaning you should do after construction is determined by the type of floor surface that you have. If your floor is carpeted, then expect the work to be doubled. Carpets can trap more dust than you can imagine and requires deep cleaning.

Easily clean your carpet using a vacuum cleaner with a dust brush extension. If you want to keep the dust from flying into the air, a steam cleaner vacuum is also a good choice.

A hard-surface floor, on the other hand, will require less effort than the carpeted one. Although a vacuum will always be a good choice, a broom will still do the work. Be sure to use a dust mop to pick up the remaining dust.

Don’t Forget the Air Ducts

Once the floor is done, make sure to also clean the air ducts. Open the vents, vacuum any dust, and replace dirty filters with clean ones. This is a way of making sure that you and the people around you are not breathing some dusty air due to the construction.

Cleaning the air ducts will also ensure good air circulation in your room. Otherwise, failing to clean the air ducts will only impose health risks on your family or workers.

Bonus Tips: Cleaning Post Construction

Following these tips even before starting the construction project will save you both time and energy.

Open the Windows

Any type of construction work will result to dust building up in the air. So an extra tip to post-construction cleaning is to have proper ventilation. Open all the windows, including the doors, to keep both the dust particles and the harsh smell from chemicals off your home or workspace.

Improving the airflow will not only move the dust out or reduce the smell from chemicals, it will also make any paint dry faster.

Use a Drop Cloth

Protect your floor and other surfaces using a drop cloth if you don’t want to deal with a lengthy post-construction cleaning. Protecting your work area is a must before letting the project begin.

Newspapers can rip easily, so they won't provide the necessary protection. In addition, paint and other chemicals can leak through the material, making it ineffective in soaking up spills.

If you can't keep the area covered, at the very least remove any furniture. Otherwise, once dust settles on it, it'll become more time-consuming to clean later.

Allow the Dust to Settle

Right after sweeping or vacuuming the floor, allow the dust particles to settle or to land on the surface you will be cleaning next. This way, you’ll keep the dust particles out of the air. If you still have other areas to clean, you can move on to the next one first.

What are other options you have for cleaning post-construction areas? You can hire a professional cleaning service.

Why hire professionals for cleaning post construction areas?

More often than not, cleaning post construction spaces require a professional cleaning service. Here at Premiere Building Services, keeping your environment clean is our mission.

We set high standards for cleanliness that property managers who don’t have the time to do the cleaning themselves can rely on us. We offer commercial cleaning and facility maintenance services for areas like retail stores, health care facilities, banks, and commercial office buildings.

When you barely have time to sweep your floor after construction, all you have to do is contact us to schedule an appointment.

Make sure your work and business environments are clean using these cleaning tips post-construction. You can also request an estimate.


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