Medical Office Cleaning Checklist

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Juggling multiple tasks every single day is a common scenario in a medical office. Aside from having patients that need to be taken care of, there is also paperwork that keeps piling up. And since it can be both demanding and overwhelming, getting help from the right cleaning company is important. So here’s a medical office cleaning checklist that you can refer to as your guide.

Professionals that specialize in cleaning medical offices will help your patients and workers feel safe and comfortable within your premises. Industry-specific capabilities are required when it comes to cleaning these types of areas. Check out this medical office cleaning checklist to see what needs to be handled by professional cleaners.

Medical Office Cleaning Checklist

Medical Office Cleaning Checklist to Tick Off

Here’s a list of areas or things in your office that a professional cleaner needs to take care of.

Office Entrance

The office entrance is the first thing that the patients will see. It has to be clean enough for patients to have a good impression of your service. The entryway, floor mats, signage, and doors are the things that a professional medical office cleaner has to polish.


Medical facility floors that are full of dust and dirt are not just considered unsanitary. They can also put someone in danger. People in a medical facility, employees and patients alike, seem to be in a hurry. If the floor is not properly cleaned, anyone can trip or slip anytime.

A commercial cleaner will thoroughly vacuum the dust and dirt from your floor. With no dust particles around, the air quality in your workplace will also improve.

Waiting Room

Aside from the office entrance, patients also build their first impression based on your facility’s waiting room. Since patients spend most of their time here, a waiting room has to be inviting so they will feel comfortable. So make a great first impression with a clean waiting room.

When cleaning inside a medical facility, the goal should be to stop the spread of germs. Professional cleaners can wipe down your furniture daily while keeping the fabric stay in good condition. The furniture should smell fresh and stain-free.


Restrooms can be a good place for germs to start. Especially in hospitals and medical facilities, restrooms are much more considered a hotspot for bacteria. So one of the most important things to include in a medical office cleaning checklist is having a sanitary restroom.

As much as possible, restrooms should be squeaky clean and be sanitized using hospital-grace disinfectants. Using a no-dip flat mop will reduce the possibility of cross-contamination as it never uses dirty water. Plus, it is great for hard-to-reach areas.

More Items to Include in Your Medical Office Cleaning Checklist


Everybody deserves a clean and relaxing place to take a break and prepare their food. A reliable commercial cleaner will also pay attention to office kitchens and breakrooms and not just to areas intended for patients. Cabinet handles, sink faucets, tables, and countertops are just a few examples of what a professional cleaner should attend to.


When you hire a professional medical office cleaner, you no longer have to worry about garbage collection on regular basis. They will handle it for you so you can go on with the day focusing on tasks that need your attention. Because even as simple as taking your trash outside, it will already take much of your time when done daily.

Medical cleaners are also trained to dispose of trash properly. Especially in medical facilities, trash contains bodily fluids and pathogens that should be properly handled. Otherwise, it will put the health of the patients and medical staffers at risk and might result in compliance issues.

Germ Hotspots

There are areas in medical facilities that are more prone to germs because people touch these spots often. These include telephones, clipboards, door handles, and light switches. These spots must be cleaned with a disinfectant. Wiping these areas with a microfiber cloth will help trap the dust and dirt. A commercial cleaning company has staff that is trained to do these things professionally.

Check All the Boxes in Your Medical Office Cleaning Checklist

Did you know that an unsanitary medical office can cause you to lose not just your patients but also your license? Prevent this from happening by getting the right team to do the job.

Premiere Building Services can help medical care professionals with anything that needs cleaning and how often office cleaning services should be scheduled. We even have custom packages that will fit both your budget and needs. If you are located in Metro Atlanta or anywhere in Georgia, our team of dependable cleaners is ready to serve you.

At Premiere Building Services, we understand that choosing the right cleaning company can be tough. So if you badly need to tick off your medical office cleaning checklist, we are here to help you. Maintain a clean work and business environment by getting a free estimate and making an appointment with us today.


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